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Phoenix, Arizona | JUNE 25-28th 2020

2020 - SOLD OUT

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June 25-28th 2020
Tempe, Arizona

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Get C.E.C Credits For Attending

Boost Clinic Revenue

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  • ​Methylation Testing
  • ​6 Steps to Wellness
  • ​How to Recession Proof Your Clinic
  • ​​Branding with Virtual Clinic Marketing


  •  Free Samples & Test Kits
  • ​4 Family Resort Passes (per room)
  • The Beauty of Tempe, AZ

The Speakers

Dr. Marc Harris PhD x3, Nd, MD

1. Get certified in Methylation Functional Testing with this Genetic Methylation seminar.
Methylation is a vital metabolic process that happens in every cell and organ. We cannot live without it. Therefore, if there is a genetic SNP or nutritional deficiency, the body malfunctions. This can be the underlying cause of many diseases and dis-eases that seem to have no answers.
Over the course of two days, you will learn about methylation, testing for related deficiencies, and the exact protocols that best remedy them. If you have taken part I before, you will get an incredible review, new insights and polish your ability to test and treat.
This is truly the most cutting-edge methylation seminar available. It gives you so much invaluable knowledge to the point that Dr Harris and OHS have followed up with a secondary methylation seminar (not part of G-6 qualification) that takes everything to the next level.
After two days, you will receive everything you need for simple, practical implementation the minute you return to your clinic, along with a certificate to post.

Dr. John Brimhall DC

Get certified in the NEW 6 Steps to Wellness seminar
“6 Steps to Wellness” features our functional testing method we have innovated, implemented, and improved or over 40 years and counting. We have taught this system to thousands of doctors worldwide. Many doctor have learned parts of this system taught by someone else and don’t even know the WHOLE STORY. No matter how much you know and how long you have been using the Six Steps, you will be able to go to the next level. In watching doctors treat and referring to Certified Doctor’s Offices, we find very few are following the complete protocol. There will be no wasted moments. You will learn, expand, and polish your skills.
Over the course of the 6 Steps Presentation, you will learn in-depth knowledge, protocols and you will also learn simple nutritional applications for the top dysfunctions you encounter in your life and clinic. In short, you will learn the world-famous six steps to wellness system.
The information contained in this seminar has transformed the lives of patients and doctors worldwide. You also go home with free samples of the best products on Earth, a binder packed with related information you can use as a reference tool, and a certificate to hang up in your clinic.

Doug Grant Nutritionist/Formulator  OHS founder

You will be guided through a complete process of creating a solid holistic clinic that is strong in all areas of treatment just like it is already with your specialty.  You will create a mastermind group of the top Nutritionists, Formulators, Testing specialists and others that will skyrocket your ability to help patients heal faster and increase your clinic revenue.  Doug is patent holding whole food formulator hired by the top professional teams and is the teammate to 1,000's of doctors worldwide providing the supplement formulas, testing and easy to implement tools in a way that doesn't take extra time in your clinic.  You will get all this info and more from him at the Super Seminar.

After completing the methylation, 6-steps and other trainings this weekend, you will be the first to become G-6 Certified and have this national recognition in functional testing.

Here's EVERYTHING You're Going To Get With This Special OHS Offer!

   Methylation Certified: Genetic Testing

      +Genetic Testing Vials: 50+ of snips pre-made for you. 


   6 Step Certified: Holistic Functional Testing

      +Diagrams To Properly diagnose and prescribe treatments.


   A.P. Nutrition: Nutritional Cures Deep Dive

      +Breakdown of every nutrition protocol you need in your clinic.


   Virtual Clinic Marketing Blueprint

      +Blueprint for Igniting Digital Revenue w/ NO new patients.


   4 Free Lunches & Resort Passes

      -Bring your family and enjoy the resort amenities on us!


   +Hyper Discounted Hotel Rooms

   +First Ever G-6 Certified Docs

   +Unlock Methylation 2

   +Over 55% OFF For Additional Attendees 

   +New Technology & Product Launches


Total Value: Over $2,744

OHS Special Offer...
Just: $997 $497

**If you are not able to make it to the seminar for any reason you 
can get a FULL refund up to 3 days prior to the event!

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We have coordinated with the resort to have the rooms, "Social Distancing" approved and are following all of the guidelines given to us by the AZ government. COVID-19 should not be able to prevent this seminar from taking place. We look forward to finally getting together in person and enjoying some Arizona sunshine with you after being in quarantine all this time!

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